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The Kafue River Cliff Experience.....

A view of the Kafue River Cliff from the Lady Betty Boat.
Kafue is a small town located in the outskirts of Lusaka, about 47km from Lusaka City and it takes about an hour to get there. Just about 7km from Kafue town, is Kafue River Cliff. The sign post for the Cliff is on your left side if you are coming from Lusaka and thats where you branch off from to go to the Kafue River Cliff. When you turn, the road isn't bad, its a gravel road but it has been maintained quite well.
Just Arrived!! with my girlfriends
My friends and I decided to go for a boat cruise last Saturday as part of the Easter Holiday celebrations. We started off from Lusaka around 10:30am and we got there around We were delayed on the road because of the traffic police who were doing some check-ups on the road. We passed two traffic road-blocks, one in Lilayi town and the other past Chilanga town. Make sure that you have all the papers for your vehicle and your drivers licence if you are the one driving..,those police officers are HARD lol!! Apart from that, we took a bit of time taking pictures with some cows along the way. It was lots of fun!

When you reach the gate at the Kafue River Cliff, you pay k15.00 as entry fee per person. I didn't find out if the charges vary for adults and children though. For the Lady Betty Boat Cruise, its k100.00 per person. I can't give you the prices in dollars for the exchange rate keeps changing all the time.
Its Lunch Time! Bon appetit!
When we got there, it was already lunch time and we had to order some food. Believe me, the best meal to order is the bream fish! it is delicious, it is very fresh from the Kafue River and it is smocked. They serve it with some french fries and some salads. You better be very hungry because the fish is very big.

The Lady Betty Boat

We went there because of the famous Lady Betty Boat Cruise which goes along the Kafue river twice a day taking people. The first trip is at 2pm and the last cruise is at 4pm (the sunset cruise they call it, its the one we picked). the cruise is for two hours only and you better hurry if you are planning to get on the sunset cruise because it gets full fast...,by the time its 4pm, the tickets are sold out. We were smart enough to get the tickets the moment we got there and before we could even have lunch. There is always a DJ playing some music in the garden so you don't get bored waiting. They also have a small play area where there is a play house for the kids.

Wish I caught some fish ;-( 

After having lunch, while we were waiting for our boat cruise, i found myself with some Chines guys who were catching some fish and hey, why not try and learn to catch some fish with these guys while we are waiting for the cruise lol! That didn't go very well.., I didn't catch any fish.


Getting ready for the trip

On the Lady Betty Boat

Kids play area


Niamkolo Church, The oldest Stone Church in Zambia

Niamkolo Church
About two kilometres east of the town of Mpulungu is Niamkolo Church, this Church has been said to be the oldest stone Church in Zambia. It was built in 1895 by the London Missionary Society. It all started with James Swan of the London Missionary in May, 1893 when he negotiated to purchase some land at the Niamkolo and a mission was established there. The fifteen meter tower was a landmark for boats using the port of Mpulungu.

Two years later, the building was taken over by Adam Purves who had joined the mission as an industrial helper and a teacher, it is also said that Adam might have been the architect. There is the main hall an a three-storey tower. The walls' thickness comprises of two thin skins of roughly dressed sandstone quarried on the mission estate, with mud or ant-hill bonding. The gap between the the skins were filled with rubbie. In 1908 the mission decided to move inland due to the high incidence of sleeping sickness and the church fell into disuse and decay.

For half a century after the Niamkolo Church was deserted, the upper part of the building crumbled and fell.

In 1954, the Church's preservation was needed and this prompted some action from the London Missionary Society who handed the church over to the National Monuments Commission. The Niamkolo Church was declared a National Monument in April, 1955. Preservation work was carried away.

"What a significant piece of history, this Church will sure stand time for the next and the next generation to see it. A true National Monument".

My visit to Solwezi, North Western Zambia

Solwezi is the capital of North Western Province. It has the population of over 60,000 people mostly of the Lunda and the Luvale speaking people. Solwezi was once a sleeping little town with nothing much to see, no attractions whatsoever, but the recent development has put the town in motion. The reopening of Kansanshi Mine and the opening of the Lumwana Mine which is owned by First Quantum Minerals has attracted lots of people including myself. 

I personally visited Solwezi back in 2011 for the same reason many of you visited; to see if there were any investment opportunities, i was living in Malawi then and investing in my country was really something i wanted to do. There was nothing much to see then but you could spot lots of buildings being put up, the town as coming around.
At the Mutunda Falls
There isn't much to see in the region in terms of tourism but i was glad to come across Mutunda Falls, its not a massive waterfall but it is very quite and very refreshing, i liked it. I plan to visit again, hopefully soon. 

WHERE I STAYED; The Royal Solwezi.
I stayed at the Royal Solwezi, the picture above. Its really a five star hotel and the service was amazing. I realised that i only have one good picture that i kept, its been a while but i have the best memories. The royal Solwezi is situated on the old Chingola road about 10km from the First Quantum´s Kansanshi Mine and about 15min from the airport. I would say that this is the best and high standard hotel in the region. For more details about the hotel, click HERE
At the Royal Solwezi


Chozi Rail Station
Hi everyone, as I had stated in my earlier post, that I was on a little adventure here in my country Zambia. and my adventure starts in my little town called Chozi. This town is part of my life history. I spent my early life in this little town, I lost both my parents when I was only about five years old and I have an uncle who took me in at the age of ten to live with him and his family in this town. Before then, I used to live in Lusaka (The capital city of Zambia) with my parents and later when my parents died, I moved in with my grandparents who also lived in Lusaka till I moved to this town to live with uncle and his lovely family. 

With my auntie who came to pick me up at the rail station when I arrived.
I left Chozi about eleven years ago and 1 moved back to Lusaka for collage and I never returned to Chozi apart from visiting. And actually the last time I visited was in 2010 and that's about four years ago. This has been the greatest adventure of all time. Am just having a good time with my family here in Chozi and having a local tour with my cousin. We visited Chozi river, its not looking so good because the water is very shallow at the moment but we managed to get a few pictures on the bridge above it where the rail line passes to and from Tanzania.
On the bridge on top of Chozi River
It was still an amazing feeling to go there. We passed through the old small township where we used to live a long time ago called CAMP (I have no idea why it is called Camp). But my family lives in Berlin which is up the hill and a bit far from the river.
With my cousin Sam, on a local tour. on our way to Chozi River
we actually used bicycles with my cousin to go to the river. When we passed through CAMP, we stopped at a small shop to refresh ourselves and the owner of the shop entertained us with some music which he danced to as well. it was pretty funny. I also went to visit my old school and it felt amazing to see the improvement at the school because in the old days, we actually had grass roof, classes with no desks, we used to seat on the floor or you would carry a small chair from home.
I was once like them and going to the school they go to. I feel humbled to even take a picture with these kids.
As we were touring, I also came across some school going kids who actually go to the same school I went to a long time ago.I was actually privileged to take a picture with them and I was humbled to do so because am like their role model. I believe they will grow up to be amazing women and men in society just like me ;-). I also spoke to the headteacher of the school who was really humbled and very happy to see me. The kids got so encouraged and they now know that they can be anything  they want to be in this life, provided they don't lose focus and they stay in school. 

On the Chozi river bridge
On the Chozi river Bridge
On the Chozi river bridge
With my cousin Sam.
At Chozi river
At my former school. Chozi Primary School
This was my class when i was in the Seventh grade
Cooking lunch. cooking Nshima (Zambia's staple food)
Lunch is ready, we have Nshima, some Chicken and two types of vegetables.
I had a great time, I am now off to Kasama town, the provincial headquarters of the Northern Province and its about four hours to get there by train. 


To Chozi (Northern Zambia)

Hi everyone. Thank you for following my blog. I would like to inform you that i am now in Zambia (home sweet home), i had a safe and amazing trip from Denmark. I came back last week on Wednesday the 7th of May, 2014. 

This coming Tuesday (13th May, 2014), i am going to the northern part of Zambia, to Chozi in particular and i will also visit Kasama. Maybe will go up to Nakonde (boarder town of Zambia and Tanzania), while am there, i might cross-over to Tunduma in Tanzania (the immediate town in Tanzania after Nakonde). I will document my journey and my adventure so that i can share with you. 

Join me on this great adventure. I am really excited. Like Travel To Zambia on FACEBOOK.



Lusaka is the capital City of Zambia and the largest town in Zambia. Lusaka is also on of the fastest-developing cities in Southern Africa. Lusaka was chosen to be the capital of the British colony of  Northern Rhodesia in 1935, replacing Livingstone due to its central location.

After the federation of Northern and Southern Rhodesia in 1953, it was a centre of the Independence movement amongst the  some of the educated elite that led to the creation of the Republic of Zambia. In 1964, Lusaka became the capital of the newly independent Zambia. In recent years, Lusaka has become a popular urban settlement for Zambians and tourist alike. Lusaka is also the centre of both commerce and government. English is the official language of Zambia and it is widely spoken in Lusaka but Nyanja and Bemba are the most common local languages spoken in Lusaka.

The Freedom Statue
Tourist attractions include the Kabwata Cultural Village, Lusaka National Museum, the Freedom Statue, the Lusaka playhouse. Lusaka City Market, there is also Sunday Market every Sunday at Arcades Shopping Mall. Lusaka is also the centre if you want to go to Kafue National Park, or toSouth Luangwa National Park or to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls
Reptile at the Kalimba Farm
We also have the Kalimba Reptile Park is located in the outskirts of Lusaka City, it is just about half an hour drive from the city centre, at Kalimba reptile park, you will find giant Nile crocodiles, a large variety of indigenous snakes, tortoises and other reptiles. It is also one of the few place left in the world were you can see the rare and shy slender-nosed crocodile.

You will find the following hotels in the heart of the city, The Raddison Blu HotelChrismar HotelIntercontinental Hotel and many more hotels and lodges including Protea Hotel and the Cross Roads Lodge.

Lusaka National Museum
Munda Wanga Environmental Park
Cathedral of The Holy Cross
Chrismar Hotel
Intercontinental Hotel
Protea Hotel
Raddison Blu Hotel
Lusaka City Market



Kabwe is the provincial capital city of Zambia's Central Province. This town was called the Broken Hill in the old days. It was founded in 1902. Kabwe is also known to be the birthplace of Zambian Politics. The name Kabwe or Kabwe-Ka Mukuba means "ore" or 2smelting", but the European/Australian prospectors named it after a similar mine in Broken Hill, New South Wale, Australia.

The Big Fig Tree
The Big Fig Tree is probably the only visible tourist attraction in this town. In the old days, this tree's shade served as a resting place during the colonial days for users of basic transporter forms such as donkeys, horses and caravans. To this day, the tree offers shade to visitors and locals alike. The fig tree is actually what you also see on the Zambian 50 Kwacha note.

The 50 Zambian Kwach Note (k50)
There is a plague that has been erected by the Central Bank at the reads.., "This unusually large and magnificent fig tree, situated in the centre of Kabwe, was the meeting place of the town's people during early years of settlement here".

                                                                    Tuskers Hotel

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