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The Kabwata Cultural Village is located along Burma road in the heart of Lusaka. Its a home of about 72 crafts men and woodcarvers. 

The Lusaka Culture village is a historical site of the capital city Lusaka. These small mud houses were occupied by the low skilled Zambian workers built by the British during the Colonial era. It was reserved and made a historical site that will let people see how people lived long time ago. Now, it is part of the tourist at traction in Lusaka and it has been made into a small market were you will find all sorts of crafts and  wood carvings. 

If you are visiting Zambia and you are in Lusaka, care to pass through this place and admire the real art of Zambia. Its a good place to actually get a present for your beloved ones. If you love art like me, you will definitely like this place.

Have a pleasant view and enjoy the shopping



My Friend Sue and I having a look at some crafts at Sunday Market in Lusaka, Zambia

These are pictures taken in Lusaka, Zambia. Every Sunday, there is an open market called The Sunday Market. This Market is a market for all Zambian Art that there is. it is held at Arcades Shopping Mall in the heart of Lusaka City. Find time to pass by when you visit Zambia, its beautiful and we have some traditional dancers sometimes and all sorts of funny games for the kids.                                                                         


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