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Recently, a friend of mine (Kate) went on a little adventure in Livingstone, Zambia and she sent me a few pictures...,and guess what she was doing....She was walking with the lions! I am very adventurous but walking with the lions is "adventure on another level for me". While, it seems like fun and am sure lots of you adventurous people reading this would love to try. I will share with you some pictures of Kate as well as some information on "walks with lions" just in case you want to try it.
My friend Kate with the wild cats
Walking with the lions is actually part of the program called "THE LION ENCOUNTER" which is an active conversation program about ensuring a secure future for the African lions. The Lion Encounter has two operations on either side of the Victoria Falls boarder. You can visit either on the Zimbabwean side which is the Victoria Falls town or Livingstone Town on the Zambian side where my friend Kate was. The Lion Encounter offers people a chance to walk with this magnificent species, I would say they offer an experience of a lifetime. These Lions are within the Mosi Oa Tunya National Park. They are all captive bred and raised by well trained and experienced team. For more information about the "LION ENCOUNTER" program please click here . The lion Encounter also operate the African Lion Rehabilitation and Release into the Wild program.
My friend Kate with the beautiful BIG CATS.
While, before you take walks with the lions, there will be an introduction to these beautiful creatures which will involve the background of the conversation efforts in place to rehabilitate them and to protect their natural environment. You will also be briefed with a list of DO's and DON T's. You will be accompanied by an experienced guide, scouts and handlers to make sure that you have the best and smooth experience.

Don't forget to buy a souvenir to take home with you from the art-market in Livingstone. Looking beautiful Kate.

NOTE; Minimum age for the Lion Walk is 15 years and minimum height is 1.5m or 5ft. A person must meet both the years and height requirements to qualify for a walk with the lions.


Lower Zambezi National Park..The Wilderness of Africa!

The Lower Zambezi National Park lies in the North Bank of the Zambezi River, south Eastern of Zambia. This park was declared a national park back in 1983, before then, the park was the private game reserve for the Zambian President. On the opposite bank, there is the famous Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park.. Actually these two Parks sits on the Zambezi flood plains and this area is the World Heritage site. The lower Zambezi national park is one of the pristine wilderness areas left in Africa today. The park covers an area of about 4092 square kilometres.
Overview of the Zambezi National Park
Though the park covers an area of 4092 square meters, most of the game is concentrated on the valley floor. There is an Escarpment along the Northern end of the Park which is the physical barrier to the most of the parks species. Apart from that, you will see enormous herds of Elephants, Buffaloes and water buck at the rivers edge. You will also find Lions, Leopards, Antelopes, Crocodiles, some birds and  wild dogs, puku, baboons and some impala.

Fishing is the most popular activity because of the river. The Tiger and Bream cacthes are very common. You will also find Vundu, a member of the catfish family which can weigh up to 30kgs. Canoeing, walking safaris, and driving safaris.

Chongwe River House
Kasaka River Lodge
Potato Bush Camp
Royal Zambezi Lodge


Zambia Walking Safaris...,Experience Life in the Wilderness!

Walking Safaris itself was first developed in Zambia back in the 1950s by the famous environmentalist Norman Carr and walking safaris are now big in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Tanzania.
Walking Safaris maybe the most exciting adventures and the most exciting activities in the bushes of Africa, and Zambia is one of the very few African countries that actually offer the best of the natural experience.


Walking Safris are the best because you got to hung out with the wildlife and get to step where they step ;-) and actually connect with them in a way that is unexplainable. And like I mentioned, Zambia is is the best in Africa when it comes to the walking safaris. You can experince the best walking Safaris in the Lower Zambiezi and Kafue National Park also in the Luangwa Valley. Have fun in the Wilderness...!


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