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The Zambia Travel Expo (zatex) 2015

From the 21st of May to the 23rd of May 2015, Zambia tourism Board held The "Zambia Travel Expo" with the THEME; Promoting Tourism Through Collaboration Not Competition". This inaugural tourism indaba, brought together international buyers, exhibitors, the media and the general public to one market place at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre in Lusaka, Zambia. I went there on the second day and i should say that it was well organised and it was a very good initiative that brought everyone in the hospitality industry together and interact. I managed to interact with some of the exhibitors and it was very successful. I am glad that I was recognised as a Zambia Travel blogger and hoping to work with some of them in future. I have an invitation for the next Expo which will be held in Zimbabwe next month. I will let you all know how it goes. Look out for lots of interesting posts and my adventures too in the coming months and years.


Exhibition for Mika Lodges

I am just trying to dance with these women.
With Caristo Chitamfya, the Public Relations and Media Manager at the Zambia Tourism Board

                                       It was a wonderful and successful day.


Zambia at 5O! Golden Jubilee Celebrations

Zambia at 50 logo and the Northern Rhodesia coat of Arms
24th of October was the biggest day for Zambians across the globe. Zambia turned 50 years old! We gained independence back in 1964 from the colonial rule. This was a golden Jubilee celebration and the biggest celebration the country has had in the past recent years...I think since we won the Africa cup back in 2012 (it was a mass celebration and everyone took a day off from work to celebrate, i was part of this celebration).

Zambian coat of Arms
Zambia was formally known as the Northern Rhodesia ruled by the British colony. It was part of the Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) and Nyasaland (now Malawi). Zambia broke off the chains and gained independence from the colonial rule under the leadership of Dr Kenneth Kaunda who became Zambia's first president. Kenneth Kaunda was the leader of the United National Independence Party (UNIP). In 1968 Kaunda was re-elected as president, running unopposed.

From the time of Independence in 1964 to 1991, the country had only one political party policy till 1991 when the multy party democracy was introduced, this resulted in the quick formation of eleven new parties, among these was the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) led by Fredrick Chiluba. After the new constitution had been drafted, elections were held in 1991 and they were regarded as free and fair. Fredrick Chiluba won 76% of the president vote and MMD 125 of the 250 seats in the National Assembly with UNIP taking the remaining 25 seats and that was the end of UNIP. I remember when these elections were conducted, i was about five years old but i remember the chaos that came with the elections. Removing UNIP from power didn't happen without a fight, but MMD was the people's favourite and the people needed change.
The Zambian Flag
Since 1964, Zambia has seen five heads of states.

FIRST; Dr Kenneth Kaunda from 1964-1991. Who became the vegetarian in protest against ban of Africans entering bucthers and the first leader to admit publicly that a family member had died from HIV/AIDS.

SECOND; Fredrick Chiluba from1991-2002. At just over 1.5m tall, he was fond of wearing platform shoes, hence the nickname "Short Stuff". He was stripped off his immunity from prosecution on corruption charges. He died in June, 2011 at age 68.

THIRD; Patrick Levy Mwanawasa from 2002-2008. He became known by his bad temper after a serious traffic accident which occurred on the 8th December, 1991. He was nicknamed "tiger". Mwanawasa was one of the few African leaders to condemn the Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe publicly. He died in office on August 19th, 2008 at a hospital in Paris, France at age 59.

FOURTH; Rupiah Banda from 2008-2011. The die-hard football fun and a big fun for Arsenal football club. He is the second president in the Zambian history to have his presidential immunity removed.

FIRTH; Michael Chilufya Sata from 2011-present. His nicknamed "King Cobra", the name came about because of abrasive manner and his sharp tongue.


A Chinese martial Arts performs at the National Heroes Stadium in Lusaka
The first Zambian President Dr Kenneth Kaunda with the current Vice-President Dr Guy Scott
Performance at the stadium
Kids from Naboonga Private School celebrating in style
My friend and I celebrating in style in Denmark
OH YES!!!!!!!! WE MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(On a sad NOTE; The President Michael Chilufya Sata died in London yesterday while this post was being published. Zambia now has the Vice-president Dr Guy Scott as the acting president till we hold elections within the next 90 days)



Mila Kunis wearing jewellery made of the Zambian Emerald
When it comes to mining, Zambia is best known for its copper which contributes to a larger percentage of its economy. Actually Zambia is ranked at number seven of the largest copper producers in the world. It generates 3.3% of the copper to the western world and it is also known for being the second producer of cobalt in the world. She comes in as the second largest producer of cobalt in the world at 19.7%. Apart from this, there has been significant quantities of selenium, silver, platinum and some gold. There is also some precious gemstones that have found themselves on the market and highly contributing to the economy of the country and they are being appreciated by the western world markets.

There are quite a number of precious stones that are found in Zambia.

AMETHYST- This is purple in colour. It belongs to macro crystalline branch of quartz and it is the most popular and the most valuable stone. About 700 tonnes of Amethyst is produced annually in Zambia. These precious stones  are found in Mapatizy area in Mwakambiko Hills and Mumbwa-Namwala areas of Zambia.        
AQUAMARINE- This is blue or sometimes it may look blue-green---aqua. This stone is famous for its beautiful and breathtaking sea-blue colours. The name Aquamarine was derived from an old Latin expression meaning "Seawater". These are found in Lundazi, Mukushi and Itezhi-tezhi of Zambia

EMERALD- This is green in colour. The name actually comes from the old French word "Esmeralda" which was taken from a Greek word "smaragdos" which means "green stone" The Zambian Emeralds are the most favourite in the world because of its bluish green colour which is similar to that of Colombia's "emerald-green". These are found in Miku-Kafubu area.

TOURMALINE- This actually means "mixed", it comes from sinhalese word "turmali". They come in different mixed colours hence the name. These are found in the Eastern part of Zambia, Lundazi.
GARNET- Garnet is not a single mineral but a group of several related minerals. The most common garnets in Zambia are the red ones (mixture of pyrope and almandine), Rhodolite (pale of violet type of pyrope) and Spessartite (orange to red-brown variate). They are found in Lundazi, Eastern Zambia.

Other gemstones found in Zambia include Beryl, Topaz, Opal, Agates and Citrine.


Blue Topaz


Zambia, the REAL AFRICA!

With its map shaped like a butterfly...,the warm smile on the locals...,the numerous spices of wildlife, the many waterfalls around the country..,and with one of the seven wonders of the world...;The Mighty Victoria Falls...,Zambia is truly the real Africa.

Zambia is probably unknown to most people in the western world. actually not much was even known about it till they won the Africa Cup in 2012. that put had put the country on  the world map a little bit. And also the mighty Victoria Falls has put Zambia on the world map a bit. But there is so much more that this wonderful and beautiful country has to offer. the people, the wildlife (for those of you who like the safari's). the culture is so rich too. there is about 72 languages...but there should be a 73rd one..,not yet confirmed though. but yes, with all these tribes, they come with their own culture and its beautiful.

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