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The Kafue River Cliff Experience.....

A view of the Kafue River Cliff from the Lady Betty Boat.
Kafue is a small town located in the outskirts of Lusaka, about 47km from Lusaka City and it takes about an hour to get there. Just about 7km from Kafue town, is Kafue River Cliff. The sign post for the Cliff is on your left side if you are coming from Lusaka and thats where you branch off from to go to the Kafue River Cliff. When you turn, the road isn't bad, its a gravel road but it has been maintained quite well.
Just Arrived!! with my girlfriends
My friends and I decided to go for a boat cruise last Saturday as part of the Easter Holiday celebrations. We started off from Lusaka around 10:30am and we got there around We were delayed on the road because of the traffic police who were doing some check-ups on the road. We passed two traffic road-blocks, one in Lilayi town and the other past Chilanga town. Make sure that you have all the papers for your vehicle and your drivers licence if you are the one driving..,those police officers are HARD lol!! Apart from that, we took a bit of time taking pictures with some cows along the way. It was lots of fun!

When you reach the gate at the Kafue River Cliff, you pay k15.00 as entry fee per person. I didn't find out if the charges vary for adults and children though. For the Lady Betty Boat Cruise, its k100.00 per person. I can't give you the prices in dollars for the exchange rate keeps changing all the time.
Its Lunch Time! Bon appetit!
When we got there, it was already lunch time and we had to order some food. Believe me, the best meal to order is the bream fish! it is delicious, it is very fresh from the Kafue River and it is smocked. They serve it with some french fries and some salads. You better be very hungry because the fish is very big.

The Lady Betty Boat

We went there because of the famous Lady Betty Boat Cruise which goes along the Kafue river twice a day taking people. The first trip is at 2pm and the last cruise is at 4pm (the sunset cruise they call it, its the one we picked). the cruise is for two hours only and you better hurry if you are planning to get on the sunset cruise because it gets full fast...,by the time its 4pm, the tickets are sold out. We were smart enough to get the tickets the moment we got there and before we could even have lunch. There is always a DJ playing some music in the garden so you don't get bored waiting. They also have a small play area where there is a play house for the kids.

Wish I caught some fish ;-( 

After having lunch, while we were waiting for our boat cruise, i found myself with some Chines guys who were catching some fish and hey, why not try and learn to catch some fish with these guys while we are waiting for the cruise lol! That didn't go very well.., I didn't catch any fish.


Getting ready for the trip

On the Lady Betty Boat

Kids play area


My visit to Solwezi, North Western Zambia

Solwezi is the capital of North Western Province. It has the population of over 60,000 people mostly of the Lunda and the Luvale speaking people. Solwezi was once a sleeping little town with nothing much to see, no attractions whatsoever, but the recent development has put the town in motion. The reopening of Kansanshi Mine and the opening of the Lumwana Mine which is owned by First Quantum Minerals has attracted lots of people including myself. 

I personally visited Solwezi back in 2011 for the same reason many of you visited; to see if there were any investment opportunities, i was living in Malawi then and investing in my country was really something i wanted to do. There was nothing much to see then but you could spot lots of buildings being put up, the town as coming around.
At the Mutunda Falls
There isn't much to see in the region in terms of tourism but i was glad to come across Mutunda Falls, its not a massive waterfall but it is very quite and very refreshing, i liked it. I plan to visit again, hopefully soon. 

WHERE I STAYED; The Royal Solwezi.
I stayed at the Royal Solwezi, the picture above. Its really a five star hotel and the service was amazing. I realised that i only have one good picture that i kept, its been a while but i have the best memories. The royal Solwezi is situated on the old Chingola road about 10km from the First Quantum´s Kansanshi Mine and about 15min from the airport. I would say that this is the best and high standard hotel in the region. For more details about the hotel, click HERE
At the Royal Solwezi

My visit to Chishimba Falls, Zambia.

At the Chishimba Falls
Chishimba Falls is one of the many amazing waterfalls in Zambia and I can proudly say I loved it when I visited about a week ago. The place is so amazing and the people  maintaining it are doing a great job. When I was there, I learnt a few things about the falls. It was my first time visiting and I didn't do my research before hand. Actually there are three waterfalls at Chishimba; we have the Kaela Rapids, Mutumuna Falls and the Chishimba Falls itself.

Chishimba Falls is located about 33km from Kasama town (the provincial headquarters of the Northern Province) off Mporokoso road. Chishimaba Falls is actually fed by Luombe river. On my way to the Falls with my family, we passed through Luombe river, the road passes above it and we had to stop by the road side so that we can have a good look at the river and capture the moment. Its a very beautiful river i must say, we also found some local kids having a swim in it. The main part of the falls which is Chishimba Falls which is about 20m high. At Chishimba Falls, there is a campsite, a rain forest on the Western Bank and you will find various trails and viewing points around the the falls.
Luombe River.
This part of Zambia is mostly occupied by the Bemba speaking people and they regard the Chishimba Falls as one of the most sacred places of power.

They also believe that the nature spirit of Chishimba resides in the cave below the Falls
The Cave where the Chishimba Spirit resides
(I managed to take a picture of this cave but it was very dark inside. And in the old days, this cave was home for bushmen) and to the Bemba speaking people, this cave is a place of honour and prayer. No words of vengeance, curses, insults, hatred maybe uttered in this cave.

There is also hydroelectric diversion canal at the falls which helps to provide power to Kasama town and the surrounding villages.

Part of the Mutumuna Falls at Chishimba.
I liked all three waterfalls but the Mutumuna Falls was the most amazing site to see. I just loved the flow and the force of the water. Mutumuna Falls is just above the Chishimba Falls and it is believed that the spirit of Mutumuna actually lives there.The high Priest of Mutumuna is Chitemwene and makes regular sacrifices to the place and because of the sacred nature of the falls, no sexual intercourse, arrogance, quarrelsomeness is allowed in the vicinity of the falls.

Walking with my family in the rain forest on our way to see Chishimba Falls
Above the Mutumuna Falls
The view of Mutumuna Falls at a distance
At the Mutumuna Falls
The Chishimba Falls
By the Chishimba Falls
On top of the Chishimba Falls
Mutumuna Falls just above the Chishimba Falls


Welcome to the Land of Water Falls. ZAMBIA, The Real Africa!!!!

Zambia is known for so many things, the friendly people, the traditions and the traditional ceremonies, the culture, the football, the safaris to mention but a few. But this motherland is also known for its beautiful and many water Falls. Apart from the mighty Victoria Falls, it has other small but very beautiful Water Falls all over the country and the following are some of these Water Falls in pictures.

Ntumbachushi Falls
Chipoma Falls
Chishimba Falls
Kundalila Falls
Kalambo Falls
Ngonye Falls also known as Sioma Falls.



Zambia is a landlocked country but it has lots of beautiful lakes, rivers, swamps and waterfalls too. i will just share a a few pictuires of the most beautiful lakes that Zambia has to offer. Most of these lakes are undeveloped but they are still beautiful.
Lake Bangweulu
Lake Kariba,
Lake Kashiba


The Victoria Falls..,Zambia!

The Victoria Falls is located in the town of Livingstone, in the Southern part of Zambia. It actually boarders Zambia and Zimbabwe.

It is said to be one of the seven wonders of the world...,why is that? you may ask. While it is the largest waterfall in the World. Its width is 1,708 meters (5,604 ft) and the height is 108 meters (354 ft), these statistics makes it the World's largest sheet of falling water. It is bigger and higher than the Niagara Falls in America. When you are in Zambia, you will often hear the locals reffer to it as the "Big Falls".

The Victoria Falls is a natures wonder if you may ask me, the beauty of it surpasses any natural beauty i have ever seen. Historically, the local people particularly the Kololo tribe called it "Mosi-oa-Tunya....-The Smoke that Thunders".

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