The Kafue River Cliff Experience.....

A view of the Kafue River Cliff from the Lady Betty Boat.
Kafue is a small town located in the outskirts of Lusaka, about 47km from Lusaka City and it takes about an hour to get there. Just about 7km from Kafue town, is Kafue River Cliff. The sign post for the Cliff is on your left side if you are coming from Lusaka and thats where you branch off from to go to the Kafue River Cliff. When you turn, the road isn't bad, its a gravel road but it has been maintained quite well.
Just Arrived!! with my girlfriends
My friends and I decided to go for a boat cruise last Saturday as part of the Easter Holiday celebrations. We started off from Lusaka around 10:30am and we got there around We were delayed on the road because of the traffic police who were doing some check-ups on the road. We passed two traffic road-blocks, one in Lilayi town and the other past Chilanga town. Make sure that you have all the papers for your vehicle and your drivers licence if you are the one driving..,those police officers are HARD lol!! Apart from that, we took a bit of time taking pictures with some cows along the way. It was lots of fun!

When you reach the gate at the Kafue River Cliff, you pay k15.00 as entry fee per person. I didn't find out if the charges vary for adults and children though. For the Lady Betty Boat Cruise, its k100.00 per person. I can't give you the prices in dollars for the exchange rate keeps changing all the time.
Its Lunch Time! Bon appetit!
When we got there, it was already lunch time and we had to order some food. Believe me, the best meal to order is the bream fish! it is delicious, it is very fresh from the Kafue River and it is smocked. They serve it with some french fries and some salads. You better be very hungry because the fish is very big.

The Lady Betty Boat

We went there because of the famous Lady Betty Boat Cruise which goes along the Kafue river twice a day taking people. The first trip is at 2pm and the last cruise is at 4pm (the sunset cruise they call it, its the one we picked). the cruise is for two hours only and you better hurry if you are planning to get on the sunset cruise because it gets full fast...,by the time its 4pm, the tickets are sold out. We were smart enough to get the tickets the moment we got there and before we could even have lunch. There is always a DJ playing some music in the garden so you don't get bored waiting. They also have a small play area where there is a play house for the kids.

Wish I caught some fish ;-( 

After having lunch, while we were waiting for our boat cruise, i found myself with some Chines guys who were catching some fish and hey, why not try and learn to catch some fish with these guys while we are waiting for the cruise lol! That didn't go very well.., I didn't catch any fish.


Getting ready for the trip

On the Lady Betty Boat

Kids play area


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