Chozi Rail Station
Hi everyone, as I had stated in my earlier post, that I was on a little adventure here in my country Zambia. and my adventure starts in my little town called Chozi. This town is part of my life history. I spent my early life in this little town, I lost both my parents when I was only about five years old and I have an uncle who took me in at the age of ten to live with him and his family in this town. Before then, I used to live in Lusaka (The capital city of Zambia) with my parents and later when my parents died, I moved in with my grandparents who also lived in Lusaka till I moved to this town to live with uncle and his lovely family. 

With my auntie who came to pick me up at the rail station when I arrived.
I left Chozi about eleven years ago and 1 moved back to Lusaka for collage and I never returned to Chozi apart from visiting. And actually the last time I visited was in 2010 and that's about four years ago. This has been the greatest adventure of all time. Am just having a good time with my family here in Chozi and having a local tour with my cousin. We visited Chozi river, its not looking so good because the water is very shallow at the moment but we managed to get a few pictures on the bridge above it where the rail line passes to and from Tanzania.
On the bridge on top of Chozi River
It was still an amazing feeling to go there. We passed through the old small township where we used to live a long time ago called CAMP (I have no idea why it is called Camp). But my family lives in Berlin which is up the hill and a bit far from the river.
With my cousin Sam, on a local tour. on our way to Chozi River
we actually used bicycles with my cousin to go to the river. When we passed through CAMP, we stopped at a small shop to refresh ourselves and the owner of the shop entertained us with some music which he danced to as well. it was pretty funny. I also went to visit my old school and it felt amazing to see the improvement at the school because in the old days, we actually had grass roof, classes with no desks, we used to seat on the floor or you would carry a small chair from home.
I was once like them and going to the school they go to. I feel humbled to even take a picture with these kids.
As we were touring, I also came across some school going kids who actually go to the same school I went to a long time ago.I was actually privileged to take a picture with them and I was humbled to do so because am like their role model. I believe they will grow up to be amazing women and men in society just like me ;-). I also spoke to the headteacher of the school who was really humbled and very happy to see me. The kids got so encouraged and they now know that they can be anything  they want to be in this life, provided they don't lose focus and they stay in school. 

On the Chozi river bridge
On the Chozi river Bridge
On the Chozi river bridge
With my cousin Sam.
At Chozi river
At my former school. Chozi Primary School
This was my class when i was in the Seventh grade
Cooking lunch. cooking Nshima (Zambia's staple food)
Lunch is ready, we have Nshima, some Chicken and two types of vegetables.
I had a great time, I am now off to Kasama town, the provincial headquarters of the Northern Province and its about four hours to get there by train. 

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this real life travel experience. I spent my primary school years in this place together with the neighboring village called Kayambi. It is nice to see how things have turned out recently with the school.


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