Kalimba Reptile Park is about an hour and half drive from the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka, it is the premier attraction to the Lusaka residents as well as the tourist visiting the city. If you happen to be in Lusaka and you are in search of knowledge, leisure or relaxation or you are simply in search of thrills in the city then Kalimba Farm is the idea place for you.

Kalimba Reptile farm is a home to a variety of snakes, crocodiles, tortoise and it is actually one of the few places in the world left where you can see the rare and shy slender-nosed crocodile. the large crocodiles on the farm you can see are the breeders.

Kalimba is very popular for school trips and group day trips. There is well displayed information about the reptiles and it is basically for this reason that you find lots of school visits to the park. This is also a place for the adventurous and people who love to live dangerously....,if you are a dare-devil, you will love to sample the crocodile burgers that are very common and are served pipping hot! They say crocodile meat actually tastes like chicken, hehehehehe! am yet to try that..will be going to Zambia in a few weeks and i want to go and taste this famous croc burger. I will definitely share my experience with you all.

There other activities that you can enjoy at the farm such as fishing, do some BBQ. There is also a volleyball court, a trampoline, a pool table and table tennis. Or you can simply choose to lounge by the pool side.
Indigenous Snake at the Kalimba Farm
Crocodiles at the Kalimba Farm

For more information about the park click HERE and for a prices list for meals etc click HERE..

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